Don’t Talk About Divorce on Social Media

How many social media accounts do you use every day, posting various types of information without a lot of thought into what you post? A lot of us are guilty of school, so don’t think that you are alone in this matter.

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If you think your social media activities are not important, think again. Every day, the things we do on social media affect our life in one way or another. When we are getting a divorce from our partner, social media may be more harmful than we realize. Ask any good charlotte divorce attorney and he’ll tell you that is probably best to avoid using social media until the proceeding is complete, at least to discuss your marriage or divorce.

It’s Private, no one can see it, you say? Think again. You never know who’s watching out for your spouse who’s on your friends list. A screenshot is a click away and will serve in court. This is only one way the information can get out there. Nothing that you post on social media is ever private.  You don’t want to create a bad impression when you go to court or give the other team any evidence that you don’t see coming. You want the best outcome in the divorce proceeding and anything posted on social media can stop that from happening.

You can use social media to talk about other things or to post pictures. However, do not use the sites to talk about your divorce. Anything can be harmful, even if you had no ill intentions when posting it. It is for these reasons and the serious impact that it can create to the divorce proceedings, that causes lawyers to recommend not talking about the case in any form.