Most Common Types of Work Injuries

Although injuries at work are more common in industries like construction, they can and do occur at every type of business. It is imperative that you take every step possible to prevent these injuries and keep employees safe and secure while they are on the clock. Workplace injuries cost business owns a ton of money and a diminished reputation.

Most common types of work injuries honolulu hi include:

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·    Slips & Falls: This injury is one of the more common types of injuries that people face when at the workplace. Slip and fall injuries occur as the result of unsafe work conditions, slippery floors, etc.

·    Head Injuries: A head injury can occur if an object falls from above levels. These injuries may also occur as the result of other mishaps.

·    Cuts & Lacerations: Cuts and lacerations occur at the workplace due to knives, boxes and equipment injuries. Many of these incidents are treated at a doctor’s office or even at the workplace but the most serious problems that need medical attention at once.

·    Muscle Strains: Muscle strains can occur to even employees working in an office environment. This is eased by stretching before the day begins but nonetheless a risk that every employee endures.

The injuries above are some of the most common that employees face while on the job. It is not a full list of injuries, however. Follow all safety regulations, read employee manuals, and take every step possible to stay safe and the injuries here and others won’t be a threat to your life.

In the event you are injured on the job, reach out to an attorney for help. You deserve to get the proper medical treatment and help after this event and possible other compensation. They’ll ensure you get the help and compensation that you deserve at this time.